Dune Dome

Galvanised steel + Polyester & PVC coating

Terra Dome

Galvanised steel + Polyester & PVC cover + toughened glass

Atlas Dome

Aluminium + Tempered Glass

Pyro Dome

Crystal Pyramid 

- Aluminum + tempered glass

What is a Domo Domo?

What is a Domo Domo?

Geodesic domes are structures that have been used since 1919 in Europe.. They are extremely strong and resistant, since the load is distributed between the triangles that compose them. They can be used as a permanent dwelling, holiday home, glamping, guest room, gym, greenhouse, event...

They are available from 3 to 80 metres in diameter and you can configure them completely to your liking. Including bathroom, kitchen, room separation, air conditioning, fireplace, etc. The combinations are infinite, and adapt to the function that the dome is going to perform for you.

It can be easily disassembled in case you want to change its location or use. The installation can be done by Domo Domo professionals or by yourself, you will have at your disposal a complete installation manual as well as technical support from our team.

domo domos - company specialized in domes and geodesic structures

Typical Capacity by Diameter:


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Why Domo Domo?

Innovative Solution

Low Environmental Impact

Family Business



Domo Domo is a third generation family business providing international service from Algeciras, Cadiz (Spain) and Huntersville (NC) in the USA. Our grandparents were already building material traders and wood craftsmen in 1975. With Domo Domo we bring nature to new generations through innovative, durable and environmentally friendly materials.


As a differentiating element, we have all the materials for the complete construction of your Domo Domo, so you don't have to spend your time looking for products in different places.

We support you in your creative process with a customised scale model of your Domo Domo, as well as a full range of options for the accessories you choose to include.