For the greatest comfort and efficiency, we recommend that the DOME DOMES be installed by our professionals. The rates are reasonable in cost, since we want you to enjoy your new space as soon as possible and with the greatest security.

Depending on the area and height, specific tools and materials may be required for the assembly of geodesic structures. In the event that flooring, bathroom, interior partitions, kitchen or flooring are also installed, the construction becomes somewhat more complex.

Depending on the area and the material (in galvanized steel or aluminum) the assembly time will be different. For example, for a 6 meter diameter DOME (almost 30 m2 of area) the assembly time is 4-6 hours with a team of 4 people.


For events or temporary stay, consult with our team the models and sizes available. We take care of the transport, assembly and disassembly of the DOMO DOMO at the place of delivery and leave it ready for you to enjoy your experience. Perfect for weddings, family celebrations, company events,