Accessories for domes make your stay in a DOMO DOME as comfortable as in the best of homes. To achieve this we provide you with a wide range of accessories so that you can adapt your place to your liking. In addition to the construction elements of the DOMES, we have the support of a construction materials warehouse in our group, so feel free to request traditional materials to condition both the interior and exterior of your DOME. 

Some examples of accessories are as follows:


The DOMES must be placed on a flat and level surface. If earth moving is not possible or profitable, we can make a custom surface on which you can place your DOME. This will also increase the thermal and moisture insulation and provide perfect coverage for water and electricity inlets. We can make them with wood, concrete or aluminum.


Vinyl, laminated flooring, tiles, stoneware... You decide the type of floor you want to choose for your DOME. With or without insulation, depending on the climate of the area where it is located and the cost you want to assume. We also offer installation of these materials.

Photo of kitchen in geodesic dome


DOMES with a diameter of 6 meters or more (28 m2) can include a kitchen unit: two-burner hob, microwave, hob and storage solutions in multiple colors and styles.

bath for geodesic dome


Fully functional and with a modern style, you can include a shower, sink, WC, towel rack, and even the bathtub of your dreams. Separated from the rest of the main room with plasterboard walls and its own window.


Made to measure based on plasterboard, they can take up a bathroom, serve as a kitchen wall or separate rooms in larger areas. In addition to providing privacy, they are perfect for decorating with vinyl papers and giving a special touch to your space.

air conditioning / heat pump

With the power calculated according to the precise air volume, condensation outlet made to measure through the floor of the dome, so that you are cool in summer and comfortable in winter.




manual or electric window